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Verragio Engagement Ring Picks for This Spring

April 16, 2018

Verragio is well known in the jewelry industry as a one-of-a-kind brand with a very distinctive style that beautifully represents the promise of forever and the commitment of a lifetime. Verragio is perhaps most popular for their ability to incorporate fresh, cutting-edge styles with antique, vintage looks. Miro Jewelers is overjoyed to be a carrier of six different collections of Verragio engagement rings, consisting of over 300 unique rings. In particular, their collections of engagement rings do a gorgeous job of combining the two contrasting looks to create impressive high-end jewelry that are perfect for this spring season.

Perhaps the most modern in appearance out of all their engagement ring collections is the Parisian collection. Each piece in the Parisian collection has a signature touch of contrasting color that stands apart from the main metal used to make the band. This genius look gives your engagement ring that fresh and current feel that suits the spring season and bright colors that come along with it perfectly. From rose gold to yellow gold, the contradiction works incredibly and produces flawless results.

There probably isn’t a color more destined to represent spring than pink. It conjures up feelings and images of pastel colors, flowers, and all other things spring related. Despite the fact that rose gold originally started off as more of a trend, it has since taken jewelry businesses by storm. That pink tint offers such gorgeous pieces the soft feminine touch it deserves; proving that rose gold has become a long-lasting staple. The contrast rose gold naturally has when paired with the more metallic feel of white gold or platinum makes for an engagement ring that won’t soon be forgotten.

For a refined, elegant take on engagement rings, Verragio’s Classic rings are the ultimate collection for classic cuts and high-end taste. Designed with a traditional approach on engagement rings, the simple band makes your diamond or precious gem as luminous and dazzling as possible.

In a similar fashion, the Verragio’s line of Couture maintains that effortless class that comes with originally styled engagement rings. Slightly spruced up with rose gold along the interior band, the Courture collection keeps up the spirit of spring and the warmer weather and romantic feelings that go along with it.  The Couture collection is essentially Verragio’s take on the tradition of a ring with the promise of forever, but taken up a notch and with a splash of color.

It goes without saying that traditional rings are also an excellent choice in style when it comes to engagement rings, as their beauty easily translates from season to season. These more intricate and delicate designs can be found amongst the Verragio’s Insignia collection. Each ring in the Insignia collection has an elaborate frame underneath and surrounding the ring, giving power to the main diamond or precious stone of your choice by placing it on top of a metal-made arch. If you love the tint of rose or yellow gold that matches so well with the springtime season filled with floral and warm weather inspired romance, the Insignia collection offers rose and yellow gold as the arch.

Whatever your engagement ring dream may be, Miro Jewelers has been helping people find that perfect fit for over five decades. Family owned and oriented in the heart of Denver, it’s our goal to make the experience of picking out your forever ring an unforgettable experience.

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