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Stand Out From the Crowd with Personalized Jewelry

July 18, 2018

When it comes to jewelry that speaks volumes, personalized jewelry pieces are at the top of our list. Read on to learn how you can incorporate a true-to-you sparkler into your everyday wardrobe.

Stand Out From the Crowd with Personalized Jewelry | Miro Jewelers

Sometimes, a girl wants to make a statement with what she wears. Sure, mindless bling and fat diamonds are satisfying in their own way, but what does your average tennis bracelet or pair of pearl studs really say about you, the individual?

Luckily, there are many ways to personalize your look, perhaps more than you may already be aware of. Read on for some of our own favorites.

Initial Jewelry

This one may be more than obvious. I’m pretty sure we all have an aunt who married wealthy and now owns an entire set of bath towels stamped with her initials, and a terrycloth robe to match.

Few symbols of fortune make the malaise of day-to-day activity feel fancier than having your initials on everything you own; personalized jewelry sporting your first initial or even your whole name is trés chic right now, especially in the summer season. Release your inner country club soccer mom. How else is the world supposed to know who you are?

Look to Stuller for jewelry items you can personalize to your heart’s content.

Birthstone Jewelry

Another way to make your collection feel a little more like you? We’ve all got a birthstone; wear yours with pride as an integrated part of your next favorite addition to your collection.

Creative Combos

The way we coordinate our favorite pieces can certainly be a viable personalization outlet; after all, half of the fun of fashion is the creative way we put ourselves together every morning. There is plenty to be said when it comes to the message a carefully-crafted ensemble of jewelry can send to all of the fashionistas you’re bound to meet in your everyday travels. One of our favorite ways to break the mold? Striking ring combos certainly tend to be at the top of our list.

Personalized Jewelry at Miro Jewelers

Custom Design at Miro Jewelers

Still not customized enough for your liking? Fret not, dear friend. In addition to being your favorite place to get glam with your favorite brands, Miro Jewelers is also completely equipped to not only modify the existing pieces in our catalog but also to create entirely new designs from the ground up.

With over 56 years of skin in the game, Miro is far from the average when it comes to fine jewelry – in addition to our diverse and comprehensive pre-manufactured showcase and catalogue, we are also able to bring your wildest fantasies to life, with no expense spared.

As a completely self-sufficient personalized jewelry manufacturer in our own right, we are able to take your custom, one-of-a-kind design and bring it from the blueprint to reality with the help of specialized CAD software and the expertise of our in-house team. We are not only technically proficient, but also quite efficient – with the ability to finalize a design in mere days and manufacture it in full in as little as two weeks, we are able to ensure your satisfaction from beginning to end.

We outsource no part of the operation, which means your custom piece will be in your hands faster than any of our competitors have the ability to match.

We aren’t your average ma and pa jewelry shop. If your desire for personalized jewelry supersedes the options the rest of the city has to offer, give our full customization service a shot. Your inner designer is ready and waiting.

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