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The Biggest Fall Jewelry Trends You Need To Know This Year

September 26, 2018

The Biggest Fall Jewelry Trends You Need To Know This Year

What jewelry trends will you be staying on top of this upcoming season? Read on to learn more about the biggest fall jewelry trends for 2018.

What are you doing to create your fall fashion look? Stylish jewelry can pull an entire outfit together and allow you to express your unique sense of style as you wear your wardrobe with confidence.

Have you considered how you would like to express yourself through your selection of beautiful jewelry?



You can choose to follow an existing fall jewelry trend, or you can make your own as you anticipate cooler and more colorful days ahead. Consider these trendy options as you don your best fall fashions and head out amidst the changing leaves.


Stuller Gold Hoop Earrings
There is nothing quite as timeless or classic as a pair of gold hoop earrings. This pair of Stuller metal fashion earrings features a double hoop design with a locking latch clasp that will keep them in place all day long. Made from beautiful 14K gold, this pair of earrings will outlast any piece of clothing you have in your closet. Perfect when worn with jeans or your classiest cocktail dress, they are a fall jewelry trend that will extend far beyond one season.


Singular Statement Earrings

If you consider yourself a fashion forward individual, maybe it’s time to try setting the bar higher for your social circle as well, and start wearing singular statement earrings as part of a fall jewelry trend. Stud earrings in the ears give way to a more elaborate design as it cascades down toward your shoulder, sending the message that your fashion sense is not to be trifled with. Be as ostentatious or as discreet as you like, but be sure that you rock those singular earrings with confidence as you step out this fall.


Stuller Vibrant Necklace
Nothing pulls an outfit together like a vibrant necklace. Whether your neck decor is laced with pearls or some elaborate combination of metals and gemstones, choose the piece that expresses your unique style and fashion sense, and make sure it will be comfortable enough to wear all day. Fancy yourself a bit like Queen Nefertiti as you create a unique look with this fall jewelry trend.


Sleek Bangle and Sapphire Drop Earring at Miro Jewelers
Bring color to those drab, cold fall days by adding some colorful gemstone jewelry to your fashion repertoire as part of your fall jewelry trend. Sleek and stylish bangles with emerald encrusted panthers accent a fall business casual, while a sapphire drop earring adds grace and depth to both formal and informal outfits. The vibrance of your gemstones will draw the eye away from cold and cloudy days and make you feel warm and cheerful, no matter what blustery fall weather may come your way.



No matter what you choose to accentuate with this fall, choose pieces that boldly express who you are and that make you feel beautiful. Set a new fall jewelry trend and step out in confidence, celebrating the uniqueness of the season and looking forward to the changing colors you change up your personal style with each piece that you wear.

At Miro Jewelers, we have pieces that fit every unique taste, style, and budget. You will find everything you need to create your one of a kind style statement this fall; contact us today to find your fall fashion flair!

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