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Everything You Need to Know about Pearl Birthstone Jewelry for June

June 1, 2018

Because pearl is the birthstone for those born in June, pearl jewelry makes for the perfect gift for a loved one celebrating their birthday this month. Keep reading to learn more about this unique gemstone!

Pearl Jewelry at Miro Jewelers

Plucked from the sea and crafted into stunning jewelry, the pearl has been idolized for centuries as a gemstone for items like earringsnecklaces, and engagement rings. The pearl is June’s birthstone, which makes the perfect gift for any June birthdays.

However, a lot goes into bringing a pearl from sea to fine jewelry piece. These polished white, and sometimes colored, stones are unlike any other gemstone, but it is important to understand how your pearl is made and where your pearl comes from.

What is a Pearl?

Contrary to stones like diamonds and rubies, pearls are pulled from the water rather than from the earth. Pearls are created organically within the living tissue of a shelled mollusk. A pearl is born from a fragment of sand or other irritant that enters the tissue of the mollusk. More times than not, the irritant is a parasite that breaks its way into the mollusks shell.

In response to this foreign invader, the mollusk forms a defensive fluid. This fluid, known as nacre, covers the irritant layer by layer. Eventually, this nacre coated irritant is forced from the mollusk, leaving behind the lustrous and iconic pearl.

A colored pearl is created in a similar manner, but color is introduced through human methods rather than occurring naturally in the wild.

Watching out for Fakes

Pearls are some of the most desired stones in the fine jewelry industry. As a result, many have tried to copy the pearl’s natural beauty through artificial methods. Fake pearls may not be able to fool a professional, but to an everyday buyer it can be quite difficult to tell the differences between a real pearl and a fake one.

Fake pearls are usually made from glass, ceramic, or even plastic. This faux pearl is covered with a varnish, which can give it a sparkle and appearance too similar to a real pearl. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake pearls out there, and they can spoil a otherwise beautiful June birthday gift.

Pearl Jewelry at Miro Jewelers

Some Pieces of Note

Pearls can be fitted into a wide variety of jewelry pieces. These pieces look exquisite in formal settings, and can even dazzle with your casual everyday wear. For this reason, pearl jewelry can make the perfect June birthday gift for a friend, sibling, mother or loved one.

The pearl necklaces from Stuller’s Pearl Fashion collection are certainly a top pick amongst those hoping to purchase a pearl item for their mother or loved one. These varied pieces showcase the pearl in extravagant fashion, and can match anyone’s taste.

Pearl earrings also make an excellent June birthday gift. Simple, yet elegant, the pearl earring set should be the staple of anyone’s jewelry collection. Stuller’s Pearl Fashion Earrings collection is a popular pick amongst June birthdays due to the options of colored pearls and their minimalistic design.

Regardless of what pearl piece you decide to pick out for that special someone’s June birthday, you should do whatever it takes to find a real pearl over a fake one. Determining the difference can be quite simple with some training, but it is in your best interest to seek the guidance of a professional jeweler with years of expertise.

Seeking Miro Jewelers for your Pearl Jewelry Needs

Finding a quality pearl jewelry piece isn’t easy. However, with the help of the skilled professionals at Miro Jewelers you can find that perfect piece of fine pearl jewelry.

For over 50 years, Miro Jewelers has served the Colorado cities of Westminster, Arvada, Lakewood, Centennial, Parker, and the Littleton areas with designer brand jewelry items including engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion jewelry. Miro also offers custom jewelry design services, financing plans and comprehensive quality guarantees.

To learn more about their products, services, events, and sales, visit or call (303)-393-8880.

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